February 5, 2018




Elder Shakespear

It's winter again


The streets here are buzzing (and super cold) with excitement of the Chinese New Year, and I am just getting more and more scared the closer it gets.  All the stores close down so the members feed the missionaries every meal, but I mean they feed you.  It’s going to be a super cool experience though.  All of the kids here are out for New Year’s break .  We finally got to meet with one of our investigators after he had finished studying for 8 tests. He is 16 and really wants to be baptized, but we will be working diligently to make sure he understands everything.  His goal to be baptized is March 17 so we are excited for that.

Also we met with 林姐妹 for the first time after she came to church.  She loved it and said she will be coming back more, which she did come yesterday! The ward loves her which is awesome because they kinda take care of everything while at church! We even had a lady in our ward invite her over to her house for family home evening tonight, so that is going to be super fun.  Her baptismal goal is March 10th, but we will hopefully move that up a little bit!

Elder Shakespear and I are having a blast together and working hard.  He has been out a little bit longer so his Chinese is super good and I for sure will be learning a bunch from him!  

I was reading in 1 Corinthians 2 this week, and I love how it beautifully explained how never has it been through the smooth words of man that the gospel is taught, but through the Spirit.  Our faith should stand in the power of God rather than the wisdom of man.  I love that, and I love this Gospel!

Elder Marsh


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