January 29, 2018




Elder George

Miracles and New Companion

Well Taiwan is amazing as always. I just got a new companion, and we are both excited to just get to work!  His name is Elder Shakespear, and he is from Utah, surprise!! Yeah, he is amazing.  The mission has a lot of people moving around because the missionaries that were supposed to arrive to Taiwan have visa problems, yikes! 

This week we taught some incredible lessons and met some even better people.  First off, on Thursday our mission president gave the 4 elders in our area permission to go to a blowup park in downtown Gaoxiong, because we had investigators going.  It was super hot and there were so many kids running around haha.  (See the picture below) We stayed for an hour and then booked, but it was good for the investigators. 

Also, we have been teaching a Mrs. Lin who just has such a great understanding of what we teach her.  She had not come to church yet, but the member that was in the lesson with us told her how going to church is super important and helps you understand things so much quicker.  On Sunday, she came! and the ward just swallowed her up and loved her.  It was a beautiful thing. 

Yeah and then the other day we met a cool kid named Oscar.  He is like 16 and goes to an American school, so he has the most fluent, slangy English.  We were talking to him and then this crazy homeless guy comes up and sits down and was trying to talk to us.  Oscar thought that it was funny, and we were just happy Oscar didn't get scared away.  We got up and Oscar left with us, but asked us where are church was.  It surprised us at first because we thought he had no interest. He said his minister had moved back to America and he has been looking for a church but hasn’t found one he likes yet.  We exchanged LINES and he said he would come next week! MIRACLE!  I was thinking back to a time in the MTC when my companion told me that when he got to Taiwan, he was going to make a journal where he just recorded miracles he witnesses.  I thought he was crazy and there was no way you could have that many "miracles" on a daily basis.  Well, I was wrong. Heavenly Father blesses us with so many miracles as we search for them and do what we need to do!

Love you all
Elder Marsh


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