January 22, 2018




Elder George

Sweet Apple That's Not So Sweet


Another good week in the Wan! First off we had exchanges on Thursday, so I went with Elder Miller who is still in training and only has been on island for 2 weeks.  His Chinese is super good for being so new. We worked hard and found some sick people.  We found this one lady at, well you guessed it, another 7/11.  We started talking to her and she agreed to meet with us this week. She then told us to follow her around the block to her work where she introduced us to all of her work friends! They thought it was great and took some selfies with us, so hopefully she actually has interest and not just because we are foreigners haha.  Also, we found another lady named Ivy who we invited to come to a YSA activity this week, and she said she can come.  She is super awesome, has taken lessons from missionaries before in Australia and loves church! What a great combination. 

The next day all four of us elders went to a member’s house to sort and bag some beans to do some service.  The member fed Elder Miller a sweet apple, this green fruit that has these black seed things in the middle.  I looked over and saw he was eating the seeds and told him I don't think he should eat those.  About an our later, on our bike ride back to the church, he looked over to me and said, "man you were right about those seeds," and then leaned over and threw up all over the road! Good thing he was on exchanges and had his toothbrush with him!! That exchange was super sick.  We had fun and got stuff done.  Other than that it was my mom's birthday this week.  I love her and she is the best mom out there.  I think she is turning 36 or something like that.  The work is moving and it’s a great time to be serving!

Love Elder Marsh

Happy Birthday!!! You don't look a day over 36! Wow you have some super awesome friends who love you. And dad who really loves you, wow he really did out do himself there. Where even is that Turkey and cokes place? (John gave Keri tickets to Turks and Caicos) I think you will really like that place, especially if it has diet coke:)

You know, listening more and speaking less is hard, but I have really been working on it recently.  I think a huge part is asking the right questions to let them talk so you can have the OPPORTUNITY to listen. (Even when is sounds like gibberish and you don't know what they are saying!) Mom you are such an inspiration, seeing how you are fully diving in to the work and not holding back. I know what you and dad are doing is what the Lord wants you to do. I have a testimony of this restored gospel, it is true.  I love you mom! Hope you had a great birthday! 

Elder Marsh 


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