January 15, 2018




Elder George

I Survived Winter!

This past week was winter, so now I can put my sweater away for another year! All the 7/11s have these little heated drink stands so whenever we needed some warmth, we would stop real quick and hold the warm Ovaltine cans in both hands and then go back outside! Also, the other day we went into a 7/11 to contact some people and we sat next to this person that had a parrot on a leash which was pretty cool because they let me hold it. They really didn't have any interest in our message...but we have been finding some cool people this week.  We met a guy named King who is a student at the college here.  We taught him at the 7/11, but he is going home for New Year’s vacation for a couple weeks, so hopefully we can keep teaching him when he gets back!  Also, a couple weeks ago I wrote about a super awesome investigator that we had and were teaching, Sabrina.  Well I moved, but I just heard that she is almost done with the Book of Mormon and should be getting baptized in a week or two!! She is so sick and just chills at the church building because she likes the feeling there! She is going to be a great member.

I love how the Gospel really is the source of so much peace in our lives.  It is all emanating from the source of all happiness, the love of Jesus Christ.  I love the talk President Monson gave, Love-the Essence of the Gospel. He is a prophet of God!

"Love is the very essence of the Gospel, and Jesus Christ is our Exemplar." -President Thomas S. Monson

Elder Marsh

Hey Mom and Dad,

The past few weeks we have been working on working with members, and last night it finally paid off.  We have been helping members realize what they can do to do missionary work and last night, one member family invited us and two non-member work friends to come to their home for dinner.  It was super cool to be able to talk with them and share with them in a very natural setting! Our members here are awesome. They just love missionaries so much, because they are mostly first generation saints.  Mom asked me last week if they are mostly foreigners. Nah, they are all Taiwanese except one guy who married a Taiwanese lady.  We are working with a few really cool investigators right now. Mrs. Lin is just this super awesome older lady who just has a desire to learn.  We have a date set with her, but she still needs to come to church a few more times.  We are also teaching this kid Zhang.  He has a desire to be baptized but we just need to make sure he understands what he is committing to. Right now we are doing a lot of finding, so we have a good bit of people we are just starting to meet with.  Its really cool teaching Buddhist and Daoist because none of them actually believe in that stuff to be real. They call it a "jituo" which just means an emotional comfort.  There is no need to teach complicated doctrine, we usually get to just focus on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and help them understand their relationship with them.  The doctrine is simple but there is nothing that cannot be answered through it, because it is perfect!

Love you
Elder Marsh


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