November 13, 2017


Kaohsiong--Cui Hua


Elder Lofgren

Monkey Mountain

Last week I got transferred to Cui Hua which means I am in a 4 man apartment!  All of the elders are from Utah and super sick.  Our new area is about a 3 hour train ride from my last area. It is just this super metropolitan area and then on one side it has a monkey mountain that is just covered in monkeys.  We decided to bike there in the morning the other day and go to the top for exercise. On the way we saw a bunch of old grandma looking ladies walking barefoot up the trail carrying backpacks full of water.  We realized that at the top they make tea for people who hike it, but they need water to be hiked up to the top.  We thought that would be a cool service opportunity so starting tomorrow we are going to hike water up monkey mountain in the mornings!  I’m stoked!

Also, I learned this week about what it’s like for a ward to work with investigators.  We met this kid at a FamilyMart on Tuesday named Wifi (a lot of people have weird English names here).  He is a 17 year old high school student who has some disability to make him walk funny and talk a little slower.  We invited him to our ward YSA family home evening activity that night and left for the activity.  When we showed up to the church he came riding up on his tricycle bike.  All of the YSAs loved him and made him feel welcomed.  Then one of the members went out of his way to invite him to come play frisbee with us in the morning.  At church everyone greeted him like they knew him for years.  It touched me to see a kid that never really had many friends in school get so openly accepted.  Hopefully he lives in our area—we aren’t too sure yet! 

I love this work!
Elder Marsh


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