October 30, 2017


Feng Jia--Taichung City


Elder Wightman

Get to know them!

So many times we find ourselves prejudging people before we get to know them.  Sometimes getting to know them does not come from the first interaction, but through asking questions and learning about who they actually are.  Why do I say this?  Well, over a month ago we met a guy named Li as he was working as a guanli (those guys who sit at the desk in front of apartment buildings).  He had a cigarette in hand and on first look, was just another guanli who thought we were trying to get past him to go and proselyte in his apartment complex.  We talked to him and set up for the next week.  That date came and we met with him.  He seemed to have interest but afterwards he stopped answering his phone.  Fast forward to a week ago when we were going to call him one last time, when he answered and set up for us to meet at his one room apartment the next day.  It was at this lesson with him we came to understand him, truly understand him.  We started talking to him and we found out he went to our church as a kid, because his dad was an active member, but he was never baptized.  He remembered those days and we taught him how through this gospel he can be able to see his dad again who has since passed away.  We found out he was not answering the phone because he works the night shift and we were calling him in the evening when he was working.  We were able to know who this guy was and his desires so we could teach to his needs.  I love the gospel because it can bless everyone, I mean everyone.  The gospel has a way to surmount all prejudices and barriers, to go past everything and give people the hope they are looking for. The gospel is TRUE!

Elder Marsh


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