June 5, 2022



Heatin' up . . .

The weather is heating up and there is certainly more humidity here than was in Tucson. The hot & humid days of summer have arrived. On the bright side, it isn't as bad as Taiwan and so it could be worse.
The work is also heating up. The Chinese lady who felt the spirit at the baptism last week is just so excited and happy and is sincerely reading the Book of Mormon and praying. The change in her countenance and demeanor is striking. She has said that her children have noticed the positive changes in her life. We stopped by her house on Monday evening to drop off a Book of Mormon that Ting had marked up with key sections to read and she had several questions and also shared a miracle that she experienced. She prayed on Sunday and asked for God’s help and the very next day, her prayer was answered. She had been trying to resolve an issue for over a month and the day after she prayed, she tried again and it was resolved. She is on fire!!
We so enjoyed going to the Raleigh Temple for the first time. We have also participated in a number of teaching lessons with the young missionaries.
On Friday night we had a Chinese couple and also a Chinese lady and her 8 year-old daughter over for dinner. We had haystacks which they enjoyed and was good as people add toppings they like. Afterwards we taught them to play ‘Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza’ and they absolutely loved it and were laughing and enjoying themselves. The 8 year-old won once and she really had fun. Afterwards, we showed a brief church video in Chinese about the Godhead and had a great discussion together. The couple have been to church but are not members of our faith. We invited them to take missionary discussions from the young missionaries and they agreed. Such a fun night.
We are grateful for this ‘hot’ wonderful last week!!


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