September 30, 2019


Villa 1 11 14


Elder Richins

Transfer 14 Week 6

Family and Friends,
These last two weeks have been interesting. I don't have time to say everything but I met a homeless guy from LA, tried some bomb Korean food, and heard some very moving advice from an old member suffering from ALS. Also an interesting miracle. These past few weeks we've been trying really hard to get at least one person baptized. We have a lot that can if they just come to church and others that need their parent's permission. So I'd been praying to have at least one person get baptized. We tried with a lot of people but at the end from our area no one got baptized. But in the other area in our ward, they had 2 kids planned for this past week. The 9 year old boy for some odd reason wanted me to baptize him. I had taught him only once in divisions and had seen him in the streets a few times but he was firm in his decision(I asked him if he was sure like 5 times right before his baptism; I hadn't brought any change of clothes). So in one way my prayer was answered. I was able to baptize one person this past week, even though it wasn't someone from my area...
QOTW: Saints are sinners who keep trying.
Elder A


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