September 9, 2019


Villa 1 11 14


Elder Richins

Transfer 14 Week 3

Family and Friends,
This week was a week of learning. I've been thinking and praying on the ways I can improve how we´re working and get other results. The people we´re working with aren't progressing well and our biggest problem is getting new people to church. We have a zone conference coming up so I hope to receive some revelation there.
Yesterday we pulled an eternal investigator and her less-active husband out of their class to talk to them because we can´t visit them in the week. We had the lesson with an ex mission president in our ward(he basically had the lesson and we watched honestly). I had tried already to get her to the point of accepting baptism but made little progress so I haven't had much faith in her up until now. I decided that we should take a leap of faith and talk to her. We even started filling the font(just in case haha). I was able to learn a lot from being there and was almost brought to tears with the Spirit that we felt there. I learned a lot about the reason we teach, which isn't just to help someone accept covenants but rather to help them profoundly fulfill their needs, which in this case had more to do with her family than with her personally. I'm coming to understand more and more that love is a requirement to help them achieve this, which is something I need to keep working on. Moroni 7:48
QOTW: "Attitude, not aptitude, determines altitude"
Elder A


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