July 8, 2019


Villa 1 11 14


Elder Perez

Transfer 12 Week 6

Family and Friends,
This week was a long week of just looking for new people. Those we've been working with just kind of went cold and aren't progressing a lot so we´re just on the hunt. I´m pretty sure if I stay here(transfers are tomorrow), I´ll knock the rest and then not know what else to do. Perks of a tiny area. We've been finding a few that seem promising and working with them, but they´re going to be a little more long term. Lots of members to be their friends and lots of lessons to help them progress. I´m excited though!
Yesterday before church we looked for everyone to go to church but didn't find anyone but ended up talking to a member who said he wasn't going to go. He has a friend that has gone to a few activities and events and he said that the friend wanted to go to church and to pass by his house. I know the kid and everything but never found him in his house so I just kind of gave up a while ago. I decided to try and he came out and said he wanted to go. So that was our little miracle of Sunday.
Love you all!
Elder A


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