June 24, 2019


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Elder Perez

Transfer 12 Week 4

Family and Friends,
This week we focused a lot on people that have been going to church for a long time but haven´t gotten baptized yet. We also had interviews so I asked President what to do with them. He gave me some advice and we had a few very spiritual lessons inviting them to get baptized. We were able to understand a lot better what it was that prevents them and what we can do to resolve them. One of them doesn't have a testimony of nor the desire to read the Book of Mormon. Another has issues with what might be required of her if she gets baptized. So we´re going to keep on them to help them gain the necessary testimony so that they feel the need to get baptized.
President Smith goes home on Friday so it was my last interview with him, which was a really touching experience. I know that he is called of God and that he receives revelation for us missionaries. He was able to give me some very penetrating advice and the Spirit bore a strong witness of what he said. It was a very beautiful experience.
QOTW: The only constant in life is change
Love you all!
Elder A


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