May 27, 2019


Villa 1 11 14


Elder Telis

Transfer 11 Week 6

Family and Friends,
This past weekend Marco and Diego got baptized. They're both 14. Marcos has been coming for about 3 months now but before he was really hesitant about getting baptized. He stopped going for a few weeks and then came back so last week I asked him when he wants to get baptized and he said, "Maybe next week". I took it as a yes so we met with him a lot this week and he finally got baptized. Diego has been coming about a month and had a lot of desires so his conversion was a little quicker. He´s excited about it all(he was asking me yesterday how he can get the priesthood to pass the sacrament) so I have a lot of faith in his future. We have two baptisms planned for this next weekend but I´m not sure I´ll be here for them because transfers are tomorrow.
I've grown a lot in this area and I think its the first area that´s really made me not want to leave. It´s beautiful to see a ward that takes a very active part in the missionary work and whose leaders are willing to work with us to both bring people into the fold and invite those who have strayed to come back. I understand a lot more that the success of missionary work depends on the willingness of the members to take part in it. I invite you all to pray for opportunities to share the Gospel and then expect them to come. You´ll be surprised at the opportunities the Lord gives you to build His Kingdom.
Love you all!
Elder A
Pics- Diego´s next to me and Marcos is in the middle. And the beloved Villa with 2 white friends


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