May 20, 2019


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Elder Telis

Transfer 11 Week 5

Family and Friends,
This week we worked hard on the references we had received from the members here and we were able to see them progress. We had a lot of people attend church yesterday. We weren't able to get Diego baptized but we talked with his mom and she gave him permission before church to get baptized. We´re going to try to help his friend Cristian as well this week so that they can get baptized together. We also have a woman named Soledad that´ll get baptized this Saturday. We've been working with them all for a while now so it´ll be nice to reap what we've sowed for so long.
This week I did a Family Night lesson on our testimonies and how we build them stronger. I asked what a testimony was to start off and a recent convert said it is what you live, which really struck me and I ended up focusing on that principle throughout the rest of the lesson. If we truly believe what we profess to believe, we will live it and it will become characteristic of us. To finish off the night, each of the 30 people there shared a short testimony(except one new teenager that was shy) and we all enjoyed the Spirit together. It taught me a lot about the characteristics of a testimony and what it really means to believe. John 14:12
Love you all!
Elder A
Pic- A man from the other area that got baptized. He´s 94 and is 20 days older that Pres. Nelson:)


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