April 29, 2019


Villa 1 11 14


Elder Telis

Transfer 11 Week 2

Family and Friends,
This week we had a zone conference, which went very well. We`re still focusing on the same things- Lessons with and references from members- but we still have a ways to go to meet our goals as a mission. We`re seeing a lot of fruits from including them. The majority of those we teach are friends of members. They progress a lot more than any of the others usually, so we focus a lot in them.
I forgot to mention that I have a new comp. His name`s Elder Telis and he`s from Uruguay. He`s been out a year and a half. He`s a funny guy and does interesting things so I`m enjoying my time with him.
Jesus got baptized this last Saturday! It was a funny experience because he has a minor mental issue and so he came into the church, saw the font, and went around and started swimming in it with his clothes on. A little odd but funny haha.
A spiritual thought: Sometimes I get frustrated as a missionary because there are some problems that I can`t fix for people. There are some things that we can`t help even if we try really hard. I've learned that sometimes we as members or missionaries or even just friends are there just to support them and try to console them as others go through trials. That makes all the difference a lot of times.
Love you all!
Elder A


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