April 15, 2019


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Elder Diaz

Transfer 10 Week 6

Family and Friends,
This last weekend Alexis and Lidia got baptized and confirmed! Lidia was a member´s sister-in-law who went to church for a month without us knowing she wasn´t a member. My comp thought she was a less active that was coming back. So we found out and were able to teach her. Alexis is a young man who we've been working on for a while who´s difficulty was just getting to church. But we eventually got there and he got baptized. It was awesome because a few of their family members who aren't members came and saw it so we have more work to do. It was an awesome way to end this transfer(tomorrow we change). I most likely stay in this beautiful place. It may be the ugliest place in this whole country but it´s got the best people.
Yesterday I finished the Book of Mormon. I've learned a lot this time around and really come to understand faith, hope, and charity a lot better. And as I've learned and focused on these principles I've come to gain a testimony on each one and why they're essential in our progression. I recommend to all of you that you read the Book of Mormon with a specific topic in mind to learn more and see how it applies and how you can do better in these areas. I've grown a lot in my faith, hope, and charity towards others as I've focused more on these principles.
QOTW: The Holy Ghost helps us see ourselves how we really are.
Love you all!
Elder A


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