April 8, 2019


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Elder Diaz

Transfer 10 Week 5

Family and Friends...
I hope you all enjoyed conference!
We had very few people show up at the church for conference but those who did come were the special ones so it was alright. We were able to get people's interviews done so that they can get baptized this Saturday. I`ll send pics next week.
This week we had interviews with President Smith too. We had a good discussion about hope and he pointed out something that struck me. He said that we who are born under the covenant have a hard time understanding hope because we`ve always had it. We`ve believed in God at a young age and had the answers before us. But, the people around us never have the hand of God pointed out to them and He is somewhat far from the thoughts and intents of their hearts, so they have little hope and very few answers. Our job as those who take upon ourselves the name of Christ is to help them find this hope. I hope you all can ponder a little on this as well as the talks we heard this past weekend and fulfill your responsibility in helping the hopeless.
QOTW: Change begins with an invitation.
Love you all!
Elder A


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