March 18, 2019


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Elder Diaz

Transfer 10 Week 2

Family and Friends,
This week we had zone conference. I learned a lot about how to involve members and more importantly, find more people to teach through them. My ward is known for being really successful with lots of baptisms and I´m seeing more and more that it isn´t the missionaries that are crazy successful but more of how the ward reacts to investigators and new members. Most of the ward has less than 5 years as members, so they understand how it is to investigate and they have a lot of desires to help these people. Lots of fire for the work! It´s awesome.
The other missionaries in our ward had some baptisms this past Saturday and I was sitting thinking about the Book of Mormon- what it means, what it is, and what it´s done for me in my life. A good moment for the Spirit to teach me a little. Ever since the last time I finished the Book of Mormon(2 months ago), I had been asking for a confirmation of my testimony of it but never received it. I thought it was odd that I received nothing for so long. I thought a lot about Moroni´s promise and figured I had all the requirements but still nothing. But in this moment I felt the assurance of it all. I feel that a lot of my testimony is based on what I know and less on what I feel. I can logically explain why the Church is the Lord´s Church, why we have prophets like in ancient times, and why it makes sense to have another testament of Jesus Christ. But on Saturday I felt the "feelings" side of it- the security in my testimony despite the adversity, and the desire to understand it and share it´s contents more with the people here. In a face to face, Elder Eyring said that "We are not reading for information. We are reading for feelings". I know the Book of Mormon is true because I feel it.
Love you all!
Elder A


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