March 4, 2019


Jose C Paz 1


Elder Moe

Transfer 9 Week 6

Friends and Family,
Yesterday Adrian got baptized! It was really cool because his brother just got the priesthood and is a priest, so he got to bless the Sacrament for the first time and baptize for the first time yesterday! It was awesome. This family´s heading in a great direction. The dad accompanied us to an appointment this week with one of our most promising investigators and helped us a ton. They´re now working on going to the temple for endowments and to get sealed. I´m really proud of their progress.
One thing I realized this week with my comp is that we really are such a small part of the missionary work. We found Adrian´s family and they were just ready. They took every step necessary without us needing to push all that hard. They had been going to a different church for a while and came back to the Lord´s Church like they had never left. What we´re learning is that God does almost all the work. He prepares them and all we have to do is find them and teach them a few things. Really beautiful and humbling to see.
QOTW: One thing that someone said yesterday at the baptism- The Spirit touches the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of our soul
All we have to do is let Him.
Love you all!
Elder A


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