February 11, 2019


Jose C Paz 1


Elder Moe

Transfer 9 Week 3

Family and Friends
This week we spent a lot of time opening up different spots of our area and looking for the less actives that live there. We visited a lot of them and we had 13 of them come to church yesterday! It was nice to see that our work paid off and the Lord prepared them to receive us and start going back to church. Our Bishop is changing his perspective a lot as well in regards to missionary work. When we were in the Quorum meeting yesterday he came in and told the hermanos that they need to help us to reactivate and teach those learning about the Church. All 4 of us missionaries were needless to say really happy. I don´t doubt that President decided through revelation to put 4 missionaries here because the Lord knows the potential of our ward and wants to see changes. It´s awesome to be part of it!
We contacted a house a few days ago and were talking to a man and then big bad dad came out and started talking to us. At first it was alright but then you could tell he was not a fan of the US and was telling us that the government sends us to take their money and destroy their country. Sometimes it´s rough being 2 gringos:(
QOTW: God does not require us to be perfect in order to be saved, but he will judge us on the quantity and quality of our efforts to be perfect.
Love you all! Have a good week!
Elder A

I think I´ve decided that Peruvian food is the best


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