February 4, 2019


Jose C Paz 1


Elder Moe

Transfer 9 Week 2

Family and Friends
This week we finally were able to talk to some of our investigators that we missed last week. Natalin has been going to church and is trying to stop smoking. She´s making progress but a little slower than we´d like. She was Evangelica and got baptized in that church so she´s still kind of hard on the whole idea of baptism in the Church of Jesus Christ. She´s been going for months now and loves the new Come Follow Me booklet. She studies it like a member with her two kids. Our other investigator is Noelia, who is Catholic and also doesn´t understand the whole baptism thing. We´re hoping to help them both understand the need for the Priesthood this week.
We went to a part of our area we never go to yesterday. We had no fixed plans so we figured we´d go there to look for less actives and old investigators. We found a part member family and two families that want to go back to church, which was really cool. This area they live in is really ghetto and they had a field literally full of trash. Just bags and bottles piled up. You can´t even see the ground. At night just before leaving, they burned a ton of it. It was really gross but cool. Just massive trash bonfires. I didn´t have my camera sorry. I´ll try to take more pics to not bore you all:)
QOTW: "It´s the miles that make the man"
A few days ago I read a few passages from the MTC, which was really interesting. It´s hard to see how much you´ve changed until you take some time to reflect on all that´s happened and how different you really are with all you experience. Sometimes we feel stuck with who we are and don´t realize that all that we experience is for our good and that God is always there molding us.
Have a great week!
Con amor,
Elder A


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