January 14, 2019


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Transfer 8 Week 5

Family and Friends
This week we had interviews with President, which is always the best. It´s nice to get a little personalized revelation from someone other than yourself haha. He helped me out with a few things that I needed.
A cool story: We were on the bus going back to the pension to do afternoon studies and two ladies get on the bus and out of nowhere I see in between me and the floor(I was looking down not really thinking anything haha) some pan dulce(a kind of sweet bread stuff). The lady puts it in my hands before I say anything and says that I can have it because she knows who we are and that we walk all day and must be hungry. So I take it, say thank you and ask if they want us to pass by sometime and share a message. I take their address and we go on our merry way. We get to the pension and see a homeless guy in the park just sitting there. So my comp takes the bread over to him and gives it to him and we went inside and watched him eat it from the window haha. It was really cool because everything lined up perfectly to get served and serve.
Our investigators are progressing fairly well. We have a few who have upcoming baptismal dates so we´re preparing them for those. We also just found one and had a great lesson with him but he´s going on a month long vacation today. But he´s taking the Book of Mormon to read with his family so it´s all good.
QOTW: “Sometimes the tree blocks our view of the forest“
Don´t let the little difficulties in life block your view of the big picture!
Love you all!
Elder A


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