January 7, 2019


Jose C Paz 1


Elder Dias

Transfer 8 Week 4

Family and Friends
This New Years was pretty cool. We went to a family´s house that has some inactive kids and we had some good asado. We went home, and waited for the fireworks on the roof. They didn´t disappoint after a year of not seeing any good ones. Still not near as good as good ol´ America though. But I still enjoyed it as my one and only New Years here. I hit my one year mark in 4 days, which is weird.
On Saturday a guy came up to us and told us that he and his girlfriend had a fight on New Years and that she was drunk and hit him a bunch and what not and the next day kicked him out, saying that she only wanted to talk to him by phone. So he asked us advice, we read a scripture, and he mentioned that he had been asking a lot of people how to get help. Someone told him to ask the church people that are always walking in the streets, which I thought was kind of funny. Most of the time I don´t realize how many people really take note of two weird dudes walking around nicely dressed all the time.
QOTW: “Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself“- James Allen


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