December 24, 2018


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It´s HOT!!!! It doesn´t feel the least bit like Christmas and it´s really hard to get into the mood for it when I´m sweating bullets and always thirsty, but the fact that I talk about Jesus all day every day helps. We had to keep track of how many invitations to church we made for yesterday and we got to around 36 on Saturday. We confirmed really good with a lot of our investigators but only 4 of them came. But it was still a really beautiful experience yesterday listening to the messages and I felt it was what our investigators needed to hear.
Despite the weather and not feeling like it´s Christmas, we still are seeing lots of miracles with the people we talk to. Lots of people are more open to hearing our message and have more desires to draw nearer to Christ. It´s amazing the spirit of Christmas that can influence people even without them realizing. It makes me think that Christ really is a part of our day to day and is truly aware of us. He´s always lending us support and opening our hearts a little more to receive His love and share our love with others.
QOTW: ¨Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself¨ In a talk yesterday, one hermano pointed something out that I never really realized before. He spoke on giving of our time to others as one of the most important gifts we can give. But he also spoke on how loving ourselves is a commandment as much as loving God and others. I pondered a lot on this yesterday. God wants us to love ourselves as much as he loves us. AND if we don´t love ourselves much, He gave us the perfect Gift to change; His Son. Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we can change to become more like Him.
Love you all and hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Remember the Gift of His Son!
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