December 17, 2018


Jose C Paz 1


Elder Dias

Transfer 8 Week 1 Transferred!

Family and Friends
Well I left Don Torcuato and I´ve come to Jose C Paz 1, which is bordering my area before Torcuato. It´s kind of funny because there are sister missionaries there that are teaching a bunch of part member families that I found and started teaching. Pretty cool that I get to follow up on them and see them progress! My area is pretty much the same as my last but with more mud. I was kind of hoping to try out capital but it´s alright. Maybe next time!
My new companion is Elder Dias from Bahía Brasil, who ends his mission in 5 weeks. He´s a really funny guy so we have a good time together. His contacts sometimes make me laugh because he gets people to open up so easily. I´m hoping a little bit rubs off on me with this time I have with him. He works a lot differently than I do, but I like it because it´s more interesting and fun. He talks to little teenagers about video games to gain their confidence and one time this week he asked a family that was sitting outside who sells rabbits on that block. They gave us 2 houses. Really funny and odd but we found a good woman and her family through it.
QOTW: If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone. Without it I will fail though I possess all the knowledge and skills of the world.- Og Mandino
Love you all! Don´t forget to love God and your neighbor this Christmas season!
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