September 24, 2018


Don Torcuato


Elder Orona

Transfer 6 Week 1

Family and Friends
We had transfers this last tuesday but I stayed with Elder Orona. I`m going to officially kill him. He goes home at the end of October. He`s still working hard though. We`re searching hard for people who are ready to hear us and turn to Christ. One of our focuses in the mission for now is asking everyone for anyone they know that would have interest, which has led us to some weird places.
We were told to go to someone`s mom, who turned out to be a bandista and owned a santeria. A bandista is like a Catholic that still does the whole Law of Moses thing. Or rather, they sacrifice animals and sometimes cut themselves for some kinds of blood rituals. A santeria is a shop that sells basically like little saint statues or candles that they pray to(a direct violation of the 2nd commandment of God given to Moses, but then again they don`t read a whole lot). So we talked to her for a while. Pretty interesting and I learned a lot about their religion but she didn`t have much interest to say the least.
QOTW: "A Bible that's falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't"- Charles Spurgeon
Stick to God`s words!
Love you all!
Elder A


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