November 26, 2018


Don Torcuato


Elder Colin

Transfer 7 Week 4

Family and Friends
This week went pretty well. We found a guy in the bus Sunday night, met with him twice this week, and he came to church with his two little kids and loved it! He`s a recovering addict and is separated from the mom of the kids and is looking to change his life a little. He`s really taking to the Gospel and what we teach.
We had a lesson with a less active member and I asked her what grabbed her attention or made her want to get baptized when she was investigating the church and she surprised me. She said it was tithing, which is something I`ve never heard before. She said she doubted, decided to try it, and immediately was blessed at work with a raise, which rarely happens here. I guess there are all kinds of ways that you can receive an answer about the Gospel.
Yesterday we walked towards the train station and a guy stops us, tells us he`s an addict and a drinker, asks us why Jesus doesn`t just take away his addiction, and said he wants to meet with us today. Completely unexpected but I`ll take it. I guess we`ll see what happens.
QOTW: "One can only grow by overcoming"- Spencer W Kimball
Something that struck me this week was that overcoming isn`t just about big things. Start with the small, easy things to change and work your way up.
Love you all!
Elder A


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