November 12, 2018


Don Torcuato


Elder Colin

Transfer 7 Week 2

Family and Friends
We had a nice little baptism with Thiago this last weekend! Not many people showed up because it rained like crazy that day but we had a good time with his family and the true disciples that came(seriously, rain really shows who`s really got faith here haha). It was a beautiful experience and it was nice to see a Dad baptize his own kid.
Yesterday we had the confirmation as well and I was able to do it. I wasn`t really focused and felt a little bad about it because it was hot and humid that morning(how it always is right after rain) and we had just walked very rapidly to an investigator`s house to take him to church. So I was sweating a ton and we barely made it for the Sacrament and right after I had to confirm Thiago. It was still beautiful though. I forgot almost all I had to say in the beginning and I don`t have much of a clue what I said after, so I figure the Spirit was speaking. It`s nice to know He`s there to fill my mouth when it`s completely empty.
Other than that, just working this week.
QOTW: "You`ll never be lost if you can see the temple in your life"- Gary E Stevenson
Alma 36:22
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