October 8, 2018


Don Torcuato


Elder Orona

Transfer 6 Week 3

Family and Friends
This last weekend was amazing. General Conference is feels like the Olympics or something on the mission(not that I really watched the Olympics much but you get the picture). But it made me really sad because now we have to wait 6 more months for more! For now though we can just reread and learn more from them!
We got our little English class family to go all the way to the stake center with us to watch it! And when the first session ended and they found out there was more, they were really excited! It was awesome!
The only really interesting thing that happened this week was that we got into a Jehovah witness family`s house. They had actualy just gotten back from knocking doors actually. We had a nice exchange of beliefs but they weren`t all that interested obviously. I was really curious about their beliefs and I think they mistook it for interest, so it was kind of funny. I made it clear that I believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, though. The dad kind of got argumentative at the end so we decided to leave.
QOTW: Our religion should define us, not be a mere characteristic.
Love you all!
Elder A


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