June 26, 2018




Elder Villanueva

Transfer 3 Week 6

Fam and friends,
We had some kind of national strike yesterday and had to stay in the apartment all day. Fun stuff(not really). It was more dangerous in capital but better safe than sorry I guess. So we slept and chilled and what not. There weren´t any buses or semis because all the workers went on strike. The inflation´s pretty bad right now and people aren´t happy...
On Wednesday we had a great ward activity with a lot of investigator and less- active attendance. We had a 14 year old kid come. Funny story about him: About a week and a half ago we were walking and I really had to use the bathroom so we stopped at a house with their doors open(really normal actually) adn asked to use the bathroom. We talked to the mom and this kid but the mom is evangelica and doesn´t have much interest and the kid was on his phone so we left and thought nothing of it. Then the day before the activity we´re at a bus stop not even close to this kid´s house and he shows up and reminds us who he is and says he read and prayed about our book. So we invited him to the activity and passed by to take him and all went well. Miracles happen I guess! We´re having a rough time with our family we´re trying to baptize. Laura is now having doubts about marriage and now is going to separate from her family for awhile to think things through. So we´re pretty sad. We´ve been talking a lot with them and trying to have her see things clearly but Satan´s working hard on her. She told us that they´ve been together 10 years and she´s never had doubts about Marcelo but now she is. Sounds like our good pal Satanas is putting in his work and filling her head with doubts. But we´ll keep working.Tomorrow we have transfers so I may leave the area. It´ll be sad if I have to. This ward is fantastic and really have a fire for missionary work. If I go I´ll miss them.
"Why doesn´t God help me?" I asked. He answered, "You never asked."
Don´t forget to pray!
Love you all!
Elder A
Pics: I realized I never sent pics of my area, so I took some of
typical San Alejo.


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