June 18, 2018




Elder Villanueva

Transfer 3 Week 5

This last weekend we had three baptisms! Two of them were ours and one of them was a ward one with an 8 year old girl. They all went really well and we all felt the Spirit. I baptized Lautaro(12) and Elder Villanueva baptized Tatiana(8) and yesterday I confirmed Lautaro. I wasn´t really nervous for the two. After doing so many things outside your comfort zone, you just quit thinking about it until it´s there and you get it over with. And you let the Spirit work out the details. He knows how to do it better than we do so we just let him take the wheel so to speak. But anyway the family´s doing well and the parents are working out their marriage so that they can get baptized in a few weeks. One thing we´re seeing is that we´re working hard and Satan is as well. There´s always opposition when we try to do something good. With one of our investigators(who read up until Moroni in 3.5 days(620 pages), her dad found out about the Book of Mormon and they had a big argument. He´s really Evangelico and hates the idea of it. Our investigator fought with the idea of leaving all of it behind but decided to meet with us anyway the day after. We helped her understand that a lot of opposition is coming her way but if she holds to the word of God, she´ll make it through safely and receive much more happiness, which is a lesson for all of us. Satan´s also working on Lautaro and Tatiana´s parents. They had a little argument and started thinking twice about marriage right now. But we talked with them as well and helped ease their worries and secure(?) their decision. So we´re back on track with them. We have transfers this next week and I'm hoping I get to stay so I can see them get married and baptized. But God´s will be done. My comp is also a District Leader so we went to do an interview for baptism this week. Another Elder and I went to look for a 12 year old and bring him to the church to do his. His mom was there and started ranting to us about how he´s too young to make a decision like this and how she lets him make his decisions and if he wants to play on the street or sleep until the afternoon or watch tv all day she'll let him but he can´t do drugs and he should wait until he´s older to join a church and get baptized(are you confused yet?). Basically she will let her 12 year old do anything except do drugs or get baptized... It´s really sad how Satan can blind people like this. To make a long story shorter, he followed his mom´s advice and didn´t get interviewed.
The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly.- Thomas Paine
Don´t take your blessings for granted! And endure!
Con amor,
Elder A


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