June 4, 2018




Elder Villanueva

Transfer 3 Week 3

Querido familia y amigos:
It has come to my attention that maybe I don´t talk enough about some
basics. So I´ll give you all a rundown...
The food here´s good. It mainly consists of milanesas(basically really
flat breaded chicken or beef), empanadas(little packets of heaven),
and guiso(noodles or rice with a sauce that has some kind of meat).
The oddest thing I´ve eaten yet is blood sausage(basically a sausage
full of fried blood and meat or something... Idk you eat it with
bread. It´s decent) or mondongo milanesa. Which is basically cow
stomach(which is white... Who´da thought?) that´s breaded. Really odd
texture. It´s basically like really, REALLY stringy, gummy mozzarella
cheese. Not horrible until you think about what it is. Other than
those not much. I found I love Peruvian food! Arroz chaufa, Lomo
saltado, you name it it´s good. One thing about Argentines is that
they hate spicy, so sometimes we need a kick.
My Castellano is coming along still. Always improving. I understand
like 70-80% of what most people say, and I respond just fine. I don´t
write about it now basically because I don´t think about it anymore.
It´s coming to be just automatic with speaking. Pronunciation kills
sometimes but it´s all good. Always improving.
A few miracles. The family from last week came yesterday as well.
We´re going to baptize the two kids next week and then the parents
like 2 weeks after because they need to at least be legally married to
be baptized. Another was that a daughter in law of a member that
talked with us Friday came to church as well. Basically she said she
was not interested and I challenged her to pray about having us teach
her the lessons. I´m not sure if she did or not but she came and we
have a lesson with her Thursday. Hearts can change I guess(obvio).
I have wept in the night
For the shortness of sight
That to somebody’s need made me blind;
But I never have yet
Felt a tinge of regret
For being a little too kind.

Les amo!
Elder A
PS I saw two interesting things. One is an ostrich in someone´s
backyard. The other is Chewbacca today in the mall.


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