April 30, 2018




Elder Garces

Transfer 2 Week 4

Familia y Amigos
This week ended with a bad luck. It rained the latter half of the week. We had a ward family night that we've been doing for a few weeks now on Saturday night and we had about 3 people come. Mili wasn't able to go to church because of mud problems around her house. So she
wasn't confirmed this week... We also didn't have any investigators attend either. But the first of the week was pretty good. We've found some new people that seem promising. I also started changing the way I teach because I feel like people don't listen all that well when we ramble on and on. You can see very clearly when people are interested in what you're saying and when they aren't. So we decided we're going to ask a lot more questions to get the people engaged and interested.
I went through the main points of the Restoration lesson and wrote down 1-2 questions for each. And it works! People open up more and apply it to their own lives, which means we learn more about them and
they learn more about Christ. We had one guy that literally bore his testimony to us about the power of Christ and how he completely changed his life around from jobless, homeless addict to a clean church-goer. Very powerful when he told us. We're hoping that he
continues with us.
Love you all and have a good week!
Elder A


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