March 26, 2018




Elder Garces/Elder Mauricio

Transfer 1 Week 5

Familia y Amigos...
Just same old same old this week. Finding, teaching, and trying to get people to come unto Christ.
It was my bday this week so I ate cake about 4 times with members and my comp. And when i say cake I mean the fatty, sugary, almost repulsive kind. It was good but a little much.
Apparently it´s tradition to smash an egg on an Elder´s head for their bday so that happened... And my white shirt got egg all over it. It was only one egg and it came out fine. I promised my comps that I was going to put it on their white shirts too if they did it. I kept my word.
This week I saw my first dead dog here. And my first car crash. I´m honestly surprised it took so long to see either one of them.
Love you all! Have a good week! Work hard in all you do! It´ll pay off!!
Elder A
PS: We went to Walmart today. It was like a vacation to the US.
Excerpt from letter to Mom...
Thanks for your letter mama!! Every little bit of spiritual stuff helps. Hope you guys are doing well!
I am really glad that I grew up with good leadership. It definitely determines the whole dynamic of any organization. We heard a talk yesterday given by the Elder´s Quorum President that really called the ward to repentance. We went out with quorum members a while back to do some visits and it was only four of us Elders, the President, and one more member, so he was a little annoyed that his quorum isn´t doing a lot of work for each other. I´m really glad we have him and other good leaders in our ward. It helps us out a lot.
Oh and something funny here is that we drink grapefruit soda almost every day. Thought you and dad would like that.


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