March 5, 2018




Elder Garces

Transfer 1 Week 2

Familia y Amigos: Noticias
This weeks been a lot of the same. Lots of walking and lots of attempting to understand people, which isn´t easy. There are a lot of people here from Paraguay or that speak a lot of Portuguese instead of Castellano so their accents are all funny. Plus they speak fast and slur a lot of their words. But I´m sure that´ll just come with time.
Yesterday we had a family who committed to go to church with us so we walked to their house before(about 30 minutes; and we were fasting so no agua...) and it turned out that their son was sick all night. So that was a bummer. They had me lead the music in church for sacrament and Priesthood opening exercises which made me realize how out of practice I am. I expect them to ask me more so I need to get better at it. Obviously no one really watched to see if I was doing it right, but for the sake of my pride I´m going to do it right.
Last week I had a really cool experience. We were walking down this street to an appointment and we walked past this house and I kept having the distinct impression to go see if they were there. I shrugged it off at first but once we got like 50 yards past I told my comp we need to turn back. We went back and I clapped(what you do for knocking here) and this lady came out with her daughter. We taught her the first lesson on the restoration and she was very focused, which was awesome. We talked about baptism at the end and she said that she is getting baptized this Thursday in another church, which is one of the best and one of the worst things to hear as a missionary. The best because you know that they´re seeking for Christ and His church, but the worst because we really have to try to have the Spirit manifest to her that our church has the proper authority, restored through Joseph Smith. We´re not sure how she feels now, but we have another appointment with her this week and we´re hoping we can help her understand the Priesthood and how it´s necessary.
Anyway I know that the Spirit is there to guide and direct us to those who need our help. If you ever feel a prompting to say or do something, don´t ignore it. It coud be very important for someone else or you, and you´ll always be rewarded.
Love you all!
Elder Albrechtsen

PS: I learned how to solve a Rubiks cube. You learn all kinds of important life skills out here ;)


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