February 26, 2018




Elder Garces

Transfer 1 Week 1

To whom it may concern:
Well I´ve been out a week now in the field. Let me just say that transitioning from sitting in class all day to walking all day is awful. My feet kill and my legs are tired. But anyway I´m in an area called Escobar in the Pilar ward. Basically the poorest area I´ve ever been to in my life. One of the parts of Pilar is called San Alejo and the streets are all dirt and dust and the houses are made of weird bricks and sloppy cement. Also there are dogs just about everywhere. Half of them look like they´re dead dogs walking and the other half look like they have diseases and cancer. they just pick at stuff on the side of the road or just lay wherever and sleep.
My comp is Elder Garces from Spain. He speaks pretty good English and he´s easy to understand so that´s good. I can ask him lots of questions about how to say stuff and what things are. He´s good at contacting and it's good I have him because I can´t understand a lot of the people here. I get bits and pieces but not the whole a lot of the time. Guess that will come with time.
I´ve had to move a lot in the past week. We lived in an apartment for a few days and then today we´re going to move to another one. But thursday we had to move in with some other Elders that live in the same complex as our new place. Today we´ll finish moving into our new place. So basically I haven´t really settled yet so it feels a little hectic. But it´ll get there.
Hope you´re all happy and well!
Elder Albrechtsen
PS: No one can pronounce my name still, so basically when they try now I just say yep that´s right.
Sorry I don´t have a ton of time to write. We just got into a conversation with this guy here and talked about the church and stuff. He knew a lot of stuff about history and he was a dual citizen with the US so I got to talk to him in English. We gave him a Book of Mormon and i asked him to read the testimonies in the front because he talked a lot about Joseph Smith and the origins of our church. He places us in high regard though so he didn´t antagonize us at all. He respects us a lot.
1) Us cooking beef,
2)My MTC comps minus the short dark one
3) My comp(front right) and another companionship(white one was in my CCM district)


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