February 15, 2018


Missionary Training Center


Elder Arvonen/ Elder Wright

Week 5 MTC

Family and Friends,
Couple cool things this week.
One is that we got to go proselyting again and this time I was with my own comps. We went to my mission(north) and had a decent size area that had a section of main road and a couple smaller parks. It was pretty rough this time around. We got about 2 people to talk to us in about 5 hours.... So not really all that great. We asked a lot of people to talk but of course they made some pretty lame excuses. A couple people we saw multiple times and they'd just like hide their faces and walk by. But those 2 went pretty well. One of them was a plumber sitting in a park who was Catholic but didn't seem really active. I practically threw the Book of Mormon I had in his hands and we had a good conversation about it and where it came from. It went well and when we left him we looked back and saw him reading it on the park bench. That lifted our spirits a lot. The other was a guy that's literally been everywhere in both Americas. We kept trying to speak in Spanish but he kept going back to English. He gave us a few references of his family members and told us a lot of their problems so hopefully the missionaries of that area can find them and help. He himself wasn't interested even though he said that people need faith and God in their lives. I asked if we could pray with him in the end but he said something like "No you guys have done enough" and walked off. So that was interesting but still pretty good.
Two is that we went to hear Elder Christofferson speak at a chapel, which was really cool. He spoke about how our callings relate to those of the Apostles and the 70s. One thing he said that I really liked was that a missionary's call is basically an extension of an Apostle's call; how we both are called to be representatives of Christ and bear witness of Him. It was really good and I felt the Spirit strongly. He truly is a man called of God.
Hope you all have a good week! Do some good!
Elder Albrechtsen


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