February 8, 2018


Missionary Training Center


Elder Arvonen/ Elder Wright

Week 4 MTC

Fam, Friends, Etc.
This weeks been a lot of the same. Just studying and learning and what not. We did some temple contacts again with members but there weren't that many of them so we only spoke to a couple and a family. It was cool because we got to hear some conversion stories and got some advice. The wife of the family we talked with shared how she was converted and said it was more about how the Elders' demeanors and spirits were, as opposed to how much Spanish they could speak. We've watched 2 devotionals this week as well and they talked about how converts will be more attracted to the light and Spirit you bring them, not necessarily what you say to them. So some advice I can give is to make people happy and make sure people know this Gospel makes you happy. There's too much in this world that drags people down. They could use someone to help them feel a little lighter and reach a little higher. I'd like to invite you all to do that. We have the greatest example of this in our church, whose Name I get to have above my heart everyday. He lived in hard times. His life was not easy. And yet He still reached outward, served others, and gave them hope, which made Him happy. I promise you all that you will both make other people happy and yourself happy if you serve others.
Elder Albrechtsen


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