February 1, 2018


Missionary Training Center


Elder Arvonen/ Elder Wright

Week 3 MTC

Buen Provecho!
So I've hit the three week mark, so I'm halfway through the CCM prison sentence. Not really but seeing everyone leave made me a little envious. So Tuesday everyone left this joint and so all 7 of us had the run of the place from mid-Tues to last night. It was pretty weird being the only ones here. Kind of nice because we didn't have to wait in line for food or showers and what not.
We went out proselyting last week on Saturday which was pretty. I had to swap companions though because another Elder in our district got sick and was bed-ridden for two days. So anyway I split from my trio and went out with Elder Chamberlain from Orem Utah. He's not great at Spanish so I think he was a little timid whereas I just wanted to speak to everyone. So sometimes I felt like I had to push him to go talk to someone but it turned out well. I honestly count it as a blessing to swap companions because it was a true test of my spanish since I wasn't counting on Elder Arvonen to bail me out. It went very well actually. We made about 10 contacts(basically like conversations directed towards the Gospel) and one guy we met at a gas station talked to us for about 15 minutes. We talked about the Restoration and how our church is the same as Christ's when he set up his church and gave his Priesthood to the 12. He told us he believed all churches directed people to God so he was very open to us. We gave him a Restoration pamphlet but forgot to get his info. I'm sure he'll be found one way or another. God makes sure everyone gets a chance to grasp the truth. One cool thing that happened before our district split was an older lady member came out and asked us to bless her husband. It was so cool that we were there when her husband needed it. Our District Leader did it and it went very well. Very sweet Spirit in that house. Other than those two experiences it was mainly short messages, walking around with no one in the streets, or getting rejected. It was definitely a good experience. I learned a lot for next time.
My Spanish is progressing really fast. I don't have to think a ton about conjugations or vocab and stuff when I speak. I just feel a lot more free with it. There are still times where I need to ask Elder Arvonen what a word is or change a conjugated verb a few times but it's coming along. Definitely seeing the Gift of Tongues at work here.
Love you all!
Elder Albrechtsen
PS- Buen provecho is a phrase you say when you pass by someone who's eating. It basically means like may your food bless your life and it's considered rude if you don't say it.


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