January 25, 2018


Missionary Training Center


Elder Arvonen/ Elder Wright

Week 2 MTC

Querido Familia y Amigos
Another week done and gone. I'm learning a lot of Spanish and enjoying it out here. The Norteamericanos and the Latinos are leaving next week on Tuesday so that kind of stinks. Mainly because my comps and I really like our roommates. But I guess we'll get some new ones to be friends with so oh whale. Maybe I'll learn some new soccer tricks from them. I get to play soccer everyday with them and I swear they're born for soccer. It's like they have some innate sense of how to move the ball and where the other players are. The food is still amazing. We had tacos today for lunch which were scrumpdiddlyumptuous and reminded me of good ol CA. Not as good as Casa Del Rey but still.
We've gone through the temple twice now(we get to every p-day) and it's all in spanish but today I understood most of it, which I was happy with. It helps me keep track of my progress. And speaking of which, the Buenos Aires Temple is beautiful and it's right outside of our district room window so we can see it every day. Can't complain about that. I'll try to send some pics.
Most of what we do is studying, teaching, and eating. I'm getting a lot more comfortable with speaking in lessons, but oftentimes I need Elder Arvonen to help me with a word or verb conjugation. It's nice having someone who knows spanish better than me around to help me out. The lessons often go pretty well and we even out the speaking parts decently. It's hard in a trio but it works fine with us. The studying gets kind of long sometimes so the kids in my district and I play games and stuff every once in a while for a break. Or we just talk about stuff. My districts pretty nice. There are 7 of us Elders(no sisters) and we're all west coast gringos. It'd be nice to have Latinos with us so that we could learn more but our teachers teach us enough. It's hard to pay attention sometimes because a lot of times the lessons are on things I already know or we get distracted and go off on tangents but for the most part we're all learning a lot. The Gift of Tongues definitely is a large factor in that.
We watched Elder Bednar's Provo MTC devotional that he gave about a week ago and he described a lot about Apostleship and the process of ordaining the next Prophet. I learned a lot from it and know that the process is definitely inspired by God and not merely made by men. No man could come up with a more perfect system of governance. It's incredible.
Love you all! Do good, be good, and have fun doing it!
Elder Alby


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