January 18, 2018


Missionary Training Center


Elder Arvonen/ Elder Wright

Week 1 MTC

This week seems like its been eternity and a moment. I'll take it from the top.
The 17 hour travel time wasn't horrible except I couldn't sleep much sitting upright in a plane. I didn't feel exhausted until the second day though. Even then it wasn't that bad. We've been doing a lot of language learning classes that are honestly too simple for me since I got 4 years under my belt. So I feel like I'm learning slower than the newer kids because they are progressing faster than I am. I'm in a trio with Elder Arvonen from Northern CA and Elder Wright from Oregon. Elder Wright's previous companion moved to the three week program because he was too smart for us. We're in here for six weeks. Elder Arvonen should be in the three week but he refused to. Don't ask me why. If I could get out of here and go teach actual investigators I totally would. But I know if I went out right now it'd be rough. I can understand a lot but speaking just doesn't work for my gringo self. I have to ask Elder Arvonen every lesson we teach(which are all in Spanish by the way) about words and conjugation and what not.
Other than that I'll give you a rundown of the CCM/MTC here in lovely Buenos Aires. The Latinos here are mostly from Argentina, Guatemala, and Chile. They're really funny and talk really fast so I usually have to tell them to slow down and enunciate. They are also the best resource for learning the language because I can ask them anything and figure out how to speak. The food is amazing. The guy cooks foods from Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, and a few other places. He hasn't cooked anything I don't like. The weather here is alright. It gets hot and of course it's always humid but its manageable. Only bad thing is your stuff doesn't dry. So after exercising and sweating like a dog you come in, lay your clothes out, and come back a full day later and they're still wet. Another thing is when it rains and you're playing soccer, you're still sweating like crazy. But it is what it is I guess.
Love you all and hope you all have a great week!
Elder Albrechtsen(which the Latinos can't pronounce)


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