July 17, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Kawasaki

Soumen Party and Blitz's

This week we didn't do a lot because my companion got sick for four days, so we didn't do anything, like nothing. So that wasn't that fun.

Yes we did get to teach our investigator, and he basically knows everything because his wife is a member of our ward but they go to the Kichijoji ward. Her family is there. That's been a problem because they want to do everything in Kichijoji and not in Kohoku where they live and records are. But I guess it's up to him where he wants to do things.

Then we had another lesson before S. S.'s lesson. The
first guy was a referral from another area. So we visited that guy, and he seemed interested in what we had to say and teach, but we haven't heard from him since. So that was fun biking across our area in like less than an hour. But that was Monday.

Then fast forward to Saturday when it was busier than ever. So we had service at brother M's house like always, and slowly but surely we are cleaning his house up.

Then right after that we had a soumen party at a member's
house. So we biked home, showered, then left again to go to the member's house. The soumen party was fun and good. So soumen are these thin white noodles that you eat cold with this soup stuff. It's good. They had this thing called nagashisoumen which is like a game with just water down a bamboo pipe and you have to catch the noodles with hashi's (chopsticks), put it in your bowl and eat it.

That was fun, and then we shared a message with the kids about faith. We had this thing call the faith bag, and inside was candy and they just loved it.

Then right after that we had to ride back to the church, take a minute rest, and then go on the train to Yokohama for a stake blitz! That was where I did family the history blitz and Book Of Mormon blitz and and English challenge blitz. That was okay, it was hot and humid and sweaty. I hate humidity, but I did it and I got to go on splits with other people in our stake and it was pretty fun. I knew basically allof them. So yeah that about wraps it up.
Elder Hatch


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