July 2, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Kawasaki

A trip to Costco

Okay so here's my week... not a lot happend but here it is. So I found my shirt size here in white shirts. So I bought two new white shirts. I also went to a skate shop here and that was fun. My new favorite store!

We had a lesson with our golden investigator and that went well. On Wednesday we didn't really do anything. My companion got sick so we made a butt load of curry and pancakes because we had all the time in the world.

Friday we had a service project. They said that we were going to build a deck. You know how much I love building things. But we got there and it was basically two things from IKEA and took ten minutes max to build. But yeah that was fun! Lol

Saturday we had a a family history fair and I mean it was okay. Good language study I guess. I just don't have a lot of interest in family history. So... yeah. Then church was good. But just a normal week. That was about it.

How's the wedding? I went to Costco today for the first time in a long time. We got a good amount of food for a good price. It was like a 30-minute train ride and then 20-30-minute bus ride to there. So yeah I guess it was worth it. Also I found a foot massager being thrown out in the trash and I jacked it and am using it. Here are two pictures.


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