May 28, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Kawasaki

A little bit of confusion this week, but ate very well.

This week, can I say, was one of those weeks that I had some bad luck! Like a lot. Okay maybe not a lot, but it was just more confusion than anything. This week I was like out of it! I don't know how but I was. So this week we went to find this one guy, and I was leading. So we get there and I tried to find his house. It took me more than ten minutes because my companion didn't tell me where it was and it was an adventure and interesting. I got so confused. This was the start of my confusion this week.

Then the next day we had zone meeting and splits with my New Zealander zone leader. I also know his cousin. So that was fun!

We also had English class like always, and I always make people laugh by saying that I wear a yellow skirt and stupid stuff like that. Then on Friday we followed all our trainings from zone conference. We were talking to a guy and we then challenged him to read the Book of Mormon because he said all the things that were perfect for him to be ready to do that. He didn't accept so that stunk, but whatever, his loss.

Then we had a lesson that day that was fun. We thought it would rain so we road 30 minutes with our raincoats on, which was a bad idea (it was hot and humid)! Church was difficult too, but i did my best. I was still out of it, but that was my week.

I got a lot of pictures, and we got to eat at this member's restaurant and it was so good. It was called Okonomiyaki. I will send pictures. Enjoy!!

Ps. Thanks for the package, I haven't gotten it but thanks for it.

Love Elder Hatch!


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