May 21, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Kawasaki

Flyer fun

What's goood?! So one question, did you guys send my package yet? And did you put more deodorant and some
Gold Bond powder? Please send that stuff along with the other stuff please.

So this week was filled with weird and funny things. So first off, I went on splits with my district leader's companion because my district leader was on splits with my companion. That was fun and confusing. I didn't know what the plan was the whole time but that's okay.. I guess..So that was fun hahahha.

Also this week I was handing out flyers for English class,
and this kid with a little bit of mental problems comes up and takes like three of my flyers and throws them on the ground and says, "sayonara" and then ran away. I was like what the heck just happened.... so i picked them up and continued handing them out. Hahha weird.

Then there was this weird guy that walked by(or at least i
thought it was a guy) in a dress and makeup and bows in his hair and princess shoes. I was like uuuuhhhhh okay bro you do you. Lol but I have so much fun with handing flyers out. Because i make people laugh and smile and talk. It's fun and I give out a lot of flyers.

So the next thing that happend this week was that we taught a less active family (which are coming to church now) and they would no stop feeding us. They literally kept asking questions about food and we said that
we liked the food, then they kept bringing more and more food out. I was like stop!!!!

Hahahah then at my English class we were talking
about hobbies, and this one guy was like my hobby is that i get energy from the earth and storms and control things with that. I was like uhhhhhh I cant help you with that bro. Hahah

Then on Friday we had a miracle. We went to this park that was maybe 20-25 minutes from our house, and we met a guy from Hawaii there (which was not our plan at
all) and it turns out that he speaks English and that he has some friends on a mission! He knows about our church. He was so cool. We talked to him for a good hour and everything and got his Facebook info. We improved our image as Mormons and our church so that was good.

Then on Saturday we had a district blitz where we spent all Saturday finding people with different people in our district. We found like 4-5 new potential investigators and 1 new investigator. So that was fun.

Then lastly yesterday was not a good day. We were just
going to our second hour of church, when all of the
sudden someone comes in and asked about missionary work and how we role play. Then out of the blue he wanted to role play. My companion and I were like wait what?

Then the teacher started talking to the guy about missionary work so we thought we got out of it. Nope, he then all of the sudden said we were going to do it again, and I was so confused. So we did it the best we could, and then he ripped us a new one on how we were doing it all wrong. He said that this is how you need to do it. I was like wow, thanks bro you wrecked my whole day.

So there you have it. That was my week. It's getting hotter and hotter so it sucks a little bit. But it's
whatever. So I hope everything is all good with you guys. And keep the emails coming.

Love Elder Hatch


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