April 30, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Yang

And it came to pass...a transfer for Elder Hatch is a good thing.

Yes like the title of this message. I'm transferring!! I'm transferring to the Yokohama zone and going to be in the Kohoku area! My new companion will be Elder Kawasaki!! You have no idea how excited I am for this!! I have been waiting since transfer two for this! Haha and I'm going to be at transfer four already! How crazy is that?! And yeah everyone was like, what you're leaving?? Hahah but basically half of my district is leaving!! Four of us are leaving! They are closing the sisters out in Kichijoji area (which means they've pulled out the sisters there and there will only be Elders). So yeah a lot of change this transfer!!

I'm excited but sad to leave this zone! I love this zone and the zone leaders and everything. So yeah that was my big news for the week. Now to other stuff.

I did get the Easter package. I already ate it all. Haha also I did take what you said into consideration. Like big consideration. I faced the fact that I'm not perfect and I needed to humble myself to allow change in my life. So yeah I have done some cleaning up in my life, but I still have a lot to do, hahaha. But whatever, I will do my best. I have also realized that I need the Spirit more in my life... like all of the time in order to feel good and to do my work. So I'm trying to have that in my life more. I would though like to say thank you for the council. I really appreciate it. Hahaha yeah I'm humbling myself. 😂

So now on to this week. So we did a lot of finding, like always, but we didn't find anyone. We got a referral from the sisters and we visited him and he was somewhat interested and wants us to come back. So that's good. We still teach English class and do sports night. In my new area they don't have sports night. So I'm sad about that, but they are trying to put something together for Saturday mornings. I'm happy about that.

The other thing is that the weather is nice here. And we can wear short sleeves now. I'm so happy about that. And we also got to go to the temple and have family home evening this week, which was pretty fun. I will send pictures.

Also we had a lesson with our progressing investigator. He is sad that I'm leaving but he is in good hands. This ward is great with people like him. They include people. His name is A! (Also don't put his name on social media or stuff like that, we were asked not to do that).

Also I'm losing some weight now that it is getting warmer, hahah, which I'm happy about. But as long as it's fat not muscle. Hahah, but yeah that was my week. Thanks for writing and everything. Love you guys and pray for you everyday. Also before I go, I'm allowed to Skype you on the 15th of May. So it will be Sunday for you and Monday for me, so what time will be good for you guys??

Love Elder Hatch 💩

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