April 16, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Yang

A tender mercy from God!

Yeah this week was an okay one... not a lot happened and we basically did the same thing each day...I try to make it fun. Any suggestions on what I can do to make it fun or have fun while I'm here. What did you do to have fun while finding people?? (He wanted creativity ideas)
Anyways so this week like I said was normal and same. I don't know how much personal progress I made.. I really don't know. But I may have made a little bit of progress with the language but I feel personally that I haven't... it just might be that I'm too hard on myself. But I feel like if I don't do anything or say something or teach a whole
lesson by myself that I failed and let my companion down and everyone there down. I don't know why I think that way but I do. I feel like people think way way too highly of me and think I'm a transfer 16 missionary (which means he's been there for a long time, which he hasn't) and knows everything. Which I don't. But it's whatever.
This week we set a baptismal date for our investigator this week for the first week in June. So that was pretty exciting! He is pretty great and wants to learn more and wants his family to even learn more. That is exciting.
Also something happend last night that made me stop and think a little bit. I don't know if it was an answer
to my prayer or just something else, but brother Harada sent me specifically a text that left me speechless and made me think. I will send the pictures down below. But yesterday was really really hard for me, like I didn't feel good and was not in the greatest mood and depressed. And really didn't want anything to do with this mission
thing. But then I got a text from him at night (in English) that made me stop and think. But other than that it was a normal week.
Im trying my best... even when I am a little sick and I always get injured. Oh by the way I totally ate it on my bike the other day, only a few cuts and a really sore wrist. But yeah I'm doing my best.

Elder Hatch


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