April 3, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Yang

Progress is sweet

[In response to our letters about Saratoga Springs getting a temple built]
What?! That's insane. Our General Conference is next week.
This week was a good week. My language is progressing and we found like two people that were interested in our message, but one dropped out after the first time we met with him. The second one we haven't heard back
from. It's hard doing this work. But we did get to go to the bishop's house yesterday for taco rice and everything.
We had this lesson yesterday in priesthood about unity and so we did arm wrestling. Hahah it was fun, and I can say I'm the second strongest person in my ward, I'm pretty sure. The first is my mission leader, and he is just huge. But I'm getting there.
The cherry trees are blossoming and the sun is out more and it's getting better. Also my companion is better we talked things out like real men and everything worked out. He still forgets the things we talked about, but
I have changed my mindset and humbled myself. But other than that we are working well with each other.
My language skills are getting better, and I'm understanding a lot more. I still don't know everything. Even Harada Kyodai (brother Harada) said he can understand a lot more of what I'm saying. That was good and a confidence boost.
I did get my tooth and retainer fixed. I'm all done with the dentist. I'm still trying to figure out how to deposit the rest of my money and it's hard. There is not an ATM where I can do that or it won't let me. I'm still figuring it out. Otherwise I'm doing fine. I give 100%
So yeah that's about all for the week. I have a lot of pictures from this week so get ready. I saw a Rolls Royce. Which is a very very expensive car.
Another picture…when they need to put something on the stairs so I quit hurting my self hahaha…
Love Elder Hatch


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