February 26, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Yang

Chinese food in Japan??

So here's my long email again hahaha. This week was a slow and uneventful. The first event that happened this week is that I went to the dentist again and got to have them start working on my tooth. They had to take my retainer off to get to my tooth from behind instead of the front like the other dentist did.
Then after that, we found some people this week, and they said they would think about coming to English class and take some lessons. I finally found some confidence or at least enough to get through this week. I'm hoping it stays that way. I'm hoping to keep improving my skills.
And the next big thing that happened was that I got to eat real Chinese food. Whaaat?! Chinese food in Japan?? How can this be? I will tell you. So there is this guy that comes every week to sports night and loves basketball and thinks I'm pretty good. I'm not, haha... I think we all know that. But his parents were in town, and they are from China (so is he, but he looks Japanese).
He wanted to show his parents the church. Nobody in our district speaks Chinese except for my companion. So we helped them out in translating, and then they wanted us to come over to have a meal with them. So we did, and man there was a lot of food. This food was so spicy, but pretty good. I ate the usual rice, vegetables, noodles and fish, but then they had this other dish that I thought was meat. It was pig's ears!! I didn't figure that out until about 5 pig's ears in, but it wasn't that bad.
Then they brought out this really really spicy stuff that would make Dad cry, because it burned. I was a man and ate it all but, man it burned from my mouth to my stomach! But it didn't burn coming out. Lol, weird. But it gave me such bad gas.
Then the last dish was cow stomach! I ate that and it was like putting wet chewy carpet in your mouth. And no it didn't taste like chicken. None of the food did. It wasn't bad actually.
That was about it. I don't have pictures from all of that just yet. I will get them later and send them next week. That was about all for my week.
Love ya guys and thanks for the prayers and everything. Very much needed.

Elder Hatch


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