February 26, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Yang

Slow missionary work and the big tooth fix begins

We were able to email back-and-forth with Elder Hatch, by coincidence, after our church. It is hard to counsel your son on his dental repairs from thousands of miles away, so it was nice to get an update about what has been done and we could make some dental requests. The following is a summary of what he has emailed home:

Elder Hatch had his first appointment with an English-speaking dentist in Tokyo this week, and dental work is beginning to repair a "bad" root canal the first dentist performed. An infection formed at the base of the tooth, which an x-ray clearly shows.
His permanent retainer had to be removed to start the repairs. Seeing a towel over his eyes at the dentist made us a little squeamish, but he looked pretty relaxed. He's had to shell out about $600 more for this much, and at least that is yet to be incurred. Ugh! At least the mission office reimburses for the train trips to-and-from the dentist.
He does have medicine in the tooth trying to combat the infection. Please keep him in your prayers.
Elder Hatch received a small package from Grandma Baldwin of a watch. He has said he wanted a watch of a certain type which we tried to find on Amazon. According to him it wasn't the right watch, but he loves it. By the way, sending a tiny and lightweight package cost about $30, and that was from Sid's work where he can ship wholesale. Yikes. There will be at least another letter from today to post and some pictures, so stay tuned.


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