February 19, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Yang

I think I'm turning Japanese…I really hope so.

Alright this week has been an emotional one because of how frustrated I am and how I'm a little depressed from what happened this week. This week was one of the hardest ones because one of our investigators contacted us the next day and told us that he wants to give the Book of Mormon back and that he doesn't have interest right now. That was hard.
Also, there were a lot of people this week that just said, "kyoumi nai" which means I don't have interest or "Keko desu" or "bukiou desu!!" which means no thanks or I'm Buddhist.. that was really discouraging.
The other part that was frustrating is that I know what I want to say in my head, but I don't know what they are saying so I can't speak to them. It makes me mad because I want to talk and get better at my language skills, but I almost hit a wall and can't do anything.
I feel like something is going to come out of this experience and maybe I'm progressing and just don't realize it. It's frustrating and I hate it, and it makes me not sleep very well and have weird dreams. I just think I need to quit worrying, but that is hard. My patriarchal blessing says that I'm a powerful missionary, but I don't feel like it. I know I'm a transfer-two missionary, but I just hate seeing my companion do a lot of the work. I want to do work too. Frustrating, but I might learn from this. So I need to keep that in mind!
So this week was a lot of knocking on doors and talking to people on the street. There were two situations that were funny. The first one was that we were at a stop light, and we tried to talk to this guy. He turned toward me and says, "I know you, and I don't want to be part of it!!" Haha. Then I ask where he learned his English because it was perfect, and he turns towards me again and says, "None of you business!!"😂😂 I was like who peed in your Wheaties this morning? Hahaha.
The second one was when we were knocking on doors and this guy kept looking at us, and so I said let's go talk to him. So we did. He said to us, in perfect English, "Who are you?" We introduced ourselves, and he said, "I remember you guys." I was like, wow you do? Then we asked him if he was interested in our message, and he just laughed and said no and started to yell at us. He told us in perfect English, "People like you are going to get the cops called on you because you are going around and looking at houses." We were like, um we aren't illegal. Then he told us to go away!! We tried to invite him to English class and he said, "Why do I need that?" Then he laughed again and told us to go away. I was like, oh man what a shipoopy!! Lol. Other than that my week was not too eventful.
One last thing, yesterday we had Elder Holland come and give a fireside. It was at our church building, and I was like 50 feet from him and I got to hear him speak in person!! It was cool!! We also had an investigator come and listen to him. He loved it, so hopefully his faith grows more and more. But that is about it.
Love you guys and hope Trevor is lighting it up on the court and not giving up! I will also include a funny video and pictures of me at a museum, at a park, and one picture of me on top of a building!! I hope you enjoy them.

Love Elder Hatch

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Greg Baldwin says:
This is the Holland 長老 meeting Logan saw in the Kichijoji chapel.
on February 22, 2017

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